Kurt Warner - in the NFL

    Kurt Warner - an ordinary person? Come on! In his 12 years in the NFL who won two MVP awards, a Super Bowl title, three appearances in the Super Bowl and went from 32,000 meters. How can it be normal? This is his story now, not where he began his story.

    But before talking about it, I wanted to send this heart felt thanks to Kurt Warner for what he did for us dedicated football fans in St. Louis and the extraordinary person she is. I still I have my Kurt Warner football jersey he wore when St. Louis Rams won the Super Bowl in 1999. While St. Louis is known for baseball, our people are a wonderful sport. There were more than a die-hard fan of football Cardinals faced by the external elements (I think my toes have finally thawed after Thanksgiving Cardinals vs Redskins game) to support their team. The Cardinals never ever came close to the Super Bowl. Our city was so surprised when the Cardinals left to move to Arizona. So when it came to St. Louis Rams, who were elated. I always love Kurt Warner for his story, his humility and to redeem dedicated football fans St. Louis, taking our team to the Super Bowl.

    After finishing college, Warner was not drafted by the NFL. He had an invitation to try out for the Green Bay Packers, but was told he was not ready for the NFL even though it had great potential.

    To pay your bills are stocked supermarket shelves Hy-Vee. Undeterred by the rejection of the NFL, went to the Arena Football League. His performance was so impressive that was picked by St. Louis Rams in 1998.

    Kurt started with the Rams as the third-string quarterback and was promoted to the second string. Trent Green was the first-string quarterback until he suffered a torn ACL. When Green was injured I thought, 'Oh, no! We have a new football team could be a winner and now we lost our quarterback. Kurt Warner (who?) Came on stage and there was no turning back. He was one of the top seasons by a quarterback in NFL history and led the Rams in the Super Bowl to win the Super Bowl NFL MVP trophies and honors. (Cover of Time magazine said - Who is this guy?)

    In 2001 Kurt Warner led the St. Louis Rams to another Super Bowl. We did not win this time, but it was a good game. Kurt would leave the Rams in 2004, go to New York Giants are riddled with injuries and benched a lot. In 2005 he was signed by the Arizona Cardinals, still struggling with injuries and not always be the starting quarterback. He triumphed again, leading the Arizona Cardinals to their first Super Bowl in 2008.

    Every time Kurt Warner talks about his achievements, their struggles and triumphs, always giving credit to God leading and guiding him and his personal relationship with Jesus Christ.

    His twelve years in the NFL journey was full of ups and downs. However, continued to maintain the use of the gifts and talents God had given him.

    I happened to be in the gym when his retirement speech lit. I stopped and listened. This expression is one of the most genuine speeches, classy, ​​and felt you've ever heard. It is so inspiring that I have seen several times.

    Kurt Warner's life is a beautiful example of God with an ordinary person to lead an extraordinary life. In the discourse of the Bible and how the Bible is full of stories of ordinary people and how God uses them in an extraordinary way.

    I could not pass up this event without acknowledging what a beautiful example of faith that Kurt Warner has set for us all. I know I am inspired by its history and because of their persistence, I will persist in achieving the dreams God has given me. I hope you will too.

    Kurt Warner announced his retirement from professional football on Friday, January 29, 2010. He said this was the right time to retire. She felt very comfortable with your decision. There was no immediate reaction from the players, fans and sports media. Almost everyone had an opinion about Kurt sing his praises, and there was a general consensus that he would enter the NFL Hal of Fame someday. Therefore, if this is a foregone conclusion, how Kurt Warner enter Hall of Fame - as Cardinal Ram, or giants?

    We can assume that Warner will not come as a giant. His short time in New York was just the groom young Eli Manning. While not successful as a giant, of course, was not well received. As certain as the fact that Arizona heat pump will help cool a house in Phoenix, Kurt Warner is not going to the Hall of Fame as a Giant.

    Before the Giants, Warner had an impressive career as a spur of San Luis. The people of SanLuis loved his rags to riches story. He led the "Greatest Show on Turf" to a Super Bowl victory. He was a league MVP twice. As successful as the Arizona heating and cooling industry, Kurt Warner had more success as a spur of San Luis.

    However, the people of Arizona who can pressure the maximum Kurt. The Cardinals were the last team. He was beloved as a wise veteran, strong. The blue-collar people, as keepers of Arizona air conditioning, may have been the biggest fans of Kurt. It respects the way it has hung in the pocket allowing time for receivers to get open, even though Kurt knew it would be a great success. They have accepted their love and charity outreach.

    However, Kurt Warner elected to the Hall of Fame, which is certainly a man who has earned the respect of players and fans. People working in the AC by Jay enjoyed Warner's career as a Cardinal. We hope to see the state of Arizona after being elected to the Hall of Fame. Attitude toward the hard work of Kurt and his willingness to give 100% at all times is what we believe If you live in Arizona and looking for people to help you with your heating and cooling Arizona - come to us. AC by Jay can help with all your heat pump Arizona and Arizona air conditioning problems.

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Kurt Warner - in the NFL

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